Our aim is to help you achieve long term financial goals

We feel that proactivity is important when it comes to wealth generation, and we try very hard to keep our clients moving in the right direction to meet their wealth goals.

Your needs will be individual, or you may not have considered more long term goals, but as decision partners we find it essential to evaluate all major financial decisions with a long term goal in mind.  Therefore we will keep you honest with regards to the impact of major financial decisions on your long term wealth creation.
Recent examples of projects we have completed for clients in this area are:

  • Improving the cashflow of going concern business with a medium term business sale objective.
  • Improving profitability of current businesses and assets.
  • Developing growth strategies both within existing business structures and markets and into new areas.
  • New (overseas) market compliance research and service provision.
  • Advising on ownership structures most advantageous to your short and/or long term goals.
  • Assisting with business plans and applications for finance.
  • Assisting in planning and acquisition of future assets in line with client goals.
  • Due diligence on acquisitions with long term wealth goals in mind.

NOTE – we are not financial planners, but will happily refer you to one, or work alongside financial service providers you already use.